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Why choose Wheelie Clean over other bin cleaning companies?2016-10-27T08:29:02+01:00

Wheelie Clean are a family run company. We believe in total customer care and actively inform our customers of days and times we will be in their area to clean their bins.

Please feel free to have a look at our testimonials and see what some of our customer’s say about our service. We also use government approved equipment to clean bins and our service is 100% legally licensed and we have full Public Liability Insurance.

What if the waste collector returns my bin to a designated place because I’m elderly or disabled?2015-05-21T12:18:11+01:00

If this is the case simply let us know and we will return it to the designated place.

How do I pay?2015-05-21T12:16:44+01:00

You can contact our office and speak to one of our customer care staff and they will tell you about our easy payment options.

Or alternatively you can:

Click on the option you require and you will be directed to PayPal where you can pay by debit or credit card. Your details are handled by PayPal on their secure servers so your card details remain private and we never see them. PayPal is safe, secure and carries no additional charge. Once we receive payment, we will be in contact with you to arrange for your first cleaning to commence.

What advantages are there to having my Wheelie Bin cleaned?2015-05-21T12:14:23+01:00

Having your wheelie bin cleaned will reduce bacterial build up that causes bad smells and also decrease the risk of pest infestation around your home or premises. Cleaning will also remove any waste stuck to your bin taking it back to its tare (original) weight which will save you money once waste companies start to use “Pay by Weight” refuse collection system.

Where and when will my bin be cleaned?2015-05-21T12:13:23+01:00

Your bin will be cleaned outside your house or premises.

Should you require a “One Off” clean we will book you into our schedule and clean your bin as soon as is possible.

Should you subscribe to a repeat clean package your bin will be cleaned in line with your bin day and you will be issued with a cleaning calendar which will keep you informed as to your bins cleaning schedule.

NOTE: If your bins are not fully emptied on our arrival an extra charge will apply.

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