Where do we service?

Wheelie Clean services households in Dublin offering a regular wheelie bin cleaning service which is performed kerb side at your home.

As household bins are probably the most unhygienic items in and around your home you will not be surprised to learn that they are the breeding ground for germs and bacteria like Listeria, Salmonella, MRSA and The Flu Bug. The scent of rotten household waste acts as a magnets for rats and other vermin scavenging for scraps. Not forgetting to mention flies, wasps and maggots which are also common in neglected bins!

It is recommended that household bins are cleaned once every 4 weeks but we have prices and packages suitable for all pockets and needs. You can choose a “One Off” clean or one of the more cost effective repeat clean package’s. It’s totally up to you! Whether it is a general, dry recycling or compost bin we will clean it.


Save Money by using your Brown Bin

40% of all household waste can be placed into your brown bin. The more you put into the brown bin the fewer “lifts” you will need from your general bin which will save you money.